When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears



Q 1: What is this about besides a Chinese New Year celebration?​
A: This is about maximizing the renewed energy from an ancient zodiac cycle that starts with the Chinese New Year on Feb. 12, 2021. Throughout the centuries people use this time as a good luck beginning, to leave everything negative behind so they can start their new year with powerful positive energy which is especially aimed at the manifestation of their happiness.

Q 2: How does zodiac energy work?
A: The ancient Chinese zodiac energy is based on the spiritual and philosophical thought about the universe. It is believed that heaven, earth and man are 3 major forces. If these 3 forces are in a perfectly balanced state then peace, balance and order in the universe follow. This order is measured by the harmony of all natural elements, for example, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. And all of nature’s creatures, including animals and plants belong to one of those categories. Zodiac means the cycle. A cycle is 12, as in 12 months or 12 years, and is represented by the 12 zodiac animals. Starting from February 12th 2021, we begin a new element of the cycle: Earth energy – the Year of Ox. Last year, 2020 was the Year of the Rat, which is Water energy.

Q 3: Why is this year so special?
A: The Year of Rat (Water element), without the proper balance of other elements, has created some unwanted energy like Covid-19, floods and fires. The Year of Ox, which is Earth energy, is a timely shift in our universe. Leaving behind the pain, sorrow and difficulties that unfortunate events have caused us, we begin another year with a new energy of Earth, which not only gives hope, but grants the grounding power to stabilize us moving forward. It is a luckier year. A special blessing ritual is the highlight of this event.

Q 4: How do you achieve the balance of other elements in 2021 through this event?
A: This event will give people a basic concept of how elements can balance each other to achieve harmony. Master Lu will explain and demonstrate the techniques and strategies to guide you through the process. Master Lu will organize all participants into the 12 zodiac animal groups according to their birthdays, and address them in detail: what to seek, what to avoid for each person’s success in 2021. We will help you to derive your zodiac animal sign upon your registration of this even.
Q 5: What is this preparation video mentioned in the flyer?
​A: Given the limited 2 hours of the live Zoom event, some preparation work needs to be done ahead of time. The essential element detail and some Feng Shui principles will be explained in this video, like what color to bring to your space and special objects facing directions, etc. You need to prepare slightly before the event to benefit most from this ritual. So watching the video is important. The video will be sent to you in the form of a Zoom link. Please register by Feb. 12 if you are interested.
Q 6: Will this event be recorded?
​A: Yes, the event will be recorded and the link will be sent to you so that you can watch at your convenience if you wish to.
Q 7: What else is included in this celebration ritual?
​A: A detailed agenda will be provided in the video which will be sent to you. In summary, the event will consist of lecture, group work, demonstration of communication between worlds (worlds of human, animals, plants or spirits) to bring messages of healing and wisdom to guide us into a healthy and prosperous 2021.
Q 8: What is the Fee to this event?
​A: It is $36.00, which includes, the live event, the prep video and some of your astrological information to help you understand and successfully manifest your goals in 2021.