When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Meet Our Executive Board

Our Officers

Bill Prinzivalli

Is President of the Metaphysical Center. He has been with MCNJ for many years as a student, teacher, advisor, and now President. He has studied with Don Yott and Jean Munzer, taught several levels of the Center’s basic courses, and subsequently created a class entitled Metaphysics Applied to Business. He has a deep business background and, as an entrepreneur, started four companies of his own. Having a life-long interest in esoteric teachings, he is passionate about integrating consciousness and business. Currently, Bill is consulting for small and large organizations, developing corporate strategies, streamlining operations, and improving organizational development. This work includes designing improv, adaptability, and communication programs. Bill is the author of Improvisational Leaders and enjoys tennis, golf, drumming, and improvisation.

Charles Lobello

Is Vice President of the Metaphysical Center. He was a student of the former President, Jean Munzer. He is a teacher of the 13-level course of study at the Center and also teaches courses in meditation and spiritual development. Additionally, Charles is a lifetime member of the Theosophical Society and is trained in Pranic Healing and Arhatic yoga. He was fortunate to have also studied with many notable teachers over the years, such as Ram Dass and Master Choa Kok Sui. Having a science degree in horticulture, Charles enjoys gardening and operated a family-owned garden center with his father and brother.

Jackie Smith

Is Treasurer of the Metaphysical Center. She trained in corporate accountancy in the United Kingdom and worked in both the public and private sectors. She has functioned as Treasurer of several non-profits in the USA. Jackie completed the 13-level Metaphysical course and is interested in exploring all aspects of the curriculum. She likes travel, the arts, and most of all, animals!

Jennifer Hamil

Is Secretary of the Metaphysical Center. As a member of the governing board, she brings years of business experience to this role. Currently, she works full time as a Project Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry. An avid student of esoteric teachings, she is close to completing her 13-level course of study at MCNJ. Her interests include the study of different cultures, religions, traditions, and cuisines. She loves reading, traveling, world history, and new adventures.

Advisory Board

Peggy Neligan, PhD

Is past President of the Metaphysical Center. She has been with MCNJ for over 25 years as a student, teacher, and officer on the governing board, holding positions in both program and education. In addition to teaching the 13-level course of study, she also taught courses in Spiritual Psychology. Peggy is a life-long student of the esoteric teachings and enjoys golf, piano, and gardening at both her NJ and FL homes.

Harriet Wagniere

Is recent Vice President of the Metaphysical Center and as Director Emeritus, she led the organization for 12 years serving on the board in many roles. Harriet has been with MCNJ since the late 1970s as a student of the founder, Donald Yott. She has taught the 13-level course of study in Metaphysics and Parapsychology as well as Tibetan Studies and courses in Tarot, Meditation, and Dreams. She enjoys travel, teaching, reading, nature walks, spiritual counseling, and loves all animals, especially cats.

Helen Van Slyke

Is past Treasurer of the Metaphysical Center. Her experience as Membership Chairperson since 2000 has honed her skills of organization and attention to detail. She has been a member of MCNJ for over 25 years and has co-chaired the Fall Festival annual fundraiser for much of that time. Helen enjoys traveling, reading, her many friends, and her newly acquired past time- golf!

Dr. Kenneth Harris

Dr. Harris, a pioneer in holistic healing, is the founder of the New Jersey Waldwick Wellness Center, a multidoctor facility providing natural health and wellness care since 1975. In 1993, he established the Mind-Body Education Center dedicated to the exploration, understanding, and promotion of the mind-body-spirit connection.  He has appeared in three documentary films, and on podcasts, radio, and TV discussing holistic health and healing. He has authored two best-selling books available on Amazon, and enjoys hiking, photography, writing, and public speaking.