When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Metaphysical Mastery Podcast

Come and listen while Hosts Kate and Peggy Neligan have a conversation about a variety of metaphysical topics.

The podcast is held live at 4pm ET on the third Thursday of the month. Call in at 914-338-1479 to listen live.

Next Episode (October 19) – Shadow Work

Shadow Work is the opportunity to integrate and accept the parts of yourself that you don’t like, or don’t see, or have repressed, and avoid showing to the world. It is a technique that allows you to live more openly and authentically.

In this 30 – 45 minute podcast, Kate and Peggy will share how to identify and work with the Shadow Self. They’ll discuss ways the Shadow shows up and how to bring it into balance both in your own life and with others.

This podcast is hosted by a mother and daughter team whose goal is to share metaphysical wisdom in order to help our listeners raise their spiritual consciousness. For us, Metaphysical Mastery means not only hearing about the ancient wisdom teachings but applying them to daily life. There is so much ageless knowledge, information, that is a foundation for understanding who we are today and where we are headed as a species. But it is how we use it in our everyday human life that matters.

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Podcast Topics 2023

January: The Magic of Manifesting
February: Awakening Love
March: The Goddesses
April: The Mother Wound
May: The Conscious Mind
June: Dreams
July: Healing Modalities
August: Chakras
September: Angels and Masters
October: Shadow Work