When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

What is Metaphysics?

Science deals with the physical domain which we can identify through our five senses.  Metaphysics includes the physical world but goes beyond it as well.  It includes that which can also be perceived with our sixth and seventh senses: intuition and direct knowing.  We welcome everyone who is searching for wisdom both within and beyond the physical realm.

There are two branches of Spiritual Metaphysics: Esoteric Philosophy and Parapsychology.


  • Esoteric Philosophy includes the laws and principles essential to understanding the nature of reality such as vibration and polarity.
  • It is a tool for thinking through the big questions about humanity and the universe.
  • It involves the physical world as well as all the planes of existence since the cosmic laws are true on all levels.


Esoteric knowledge contains the ancient wisdom teachings that were meant to be taught to small groups of people who were ready to receive their message. They were often called “ear whispered truths” and were given personally from master to student.

  • Parapsychology is the branch of Metaphysics which involves the study of consciousness, extra-sensory perception, powers of the mind, and psychic phenomena.  These are really the cosmic laws in action.
  • It involves research into areas that lie beyond the realm of orthodox psychology, not mysterious once understood, but necessary to a broader and deeper understanding of human nature.
  • Mind-to-mind communication and the energetic system in the body are included in the area of Parapsychology.


There is special interest in the modern research findings of parapsychology, traditional psychology, physics, biology, archaeology, and other fields which validate the ancient mystery teachings, and they are included as part of our courses.

Metaphysics does not impose a belief system to be followed, nor is it a religion.  Rather the study of metaphysics presents many points of view so that people can choose what seems right for them.  Our goal is to encourage each person to reach their own highest potential. What’s important is to experience the “aha!” moment when you realize that the information you have learned has become the foundation of life changing behavior for you.