When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

This is the Great Awakening. Welcome, Jedi! It’s not going to be easy, but you will have everything you need to move through this, both within and outside of you. Move through this with grace and peace, even if chaos unfolds around you.

You are here to anchor love and light on the Earth. Your soul agenda before you were born was to be here at this moment in humanity’s evolution. Your soul remembers what you came here to do, and what role you are supposed to play. Your soul knows the special skills and abilities you came in with.

There is a part of the world that only you can touch and change, and that’s what you are here to do on the ground crew. Choose yourself and take your power. Remember your agreements.

The future is a moving target. We have a choice. Fortunately, I got to see what choice humanity makes and it is a good choice. I got to skip to the end of the book, so I already know the outcome. Love wins! Not everyone else has gotten to see that, but I can report to you that after a period of messiness, in the end it all comes to a beautiful conclusion.

There are parallel realities and versions of Earth, as well, and how all possibilities for our future WILL indeed happen and you are choosing right now which version you want to be in. At every point in humanity’s history where an important choice in direction has been taken, both versions happen. Earth is not limited to only one physical version of itself. It is unlimited.

None the less, it is a choice right now that humanity has to make. That choice happens in each individual which makes up the mass consciousness. You are an individual who’s input into the mass consciousness soup matters.

Don’t worry about the other people. They are awakening in their own ways. Angelic influences are triggering their awakenings too, not just yours, even though it might not seem like it or it isn’t visible to you. It’s happening for everyone right now.

In fact, your input counts MORE than the average person who is not awakened. Your consciousness is more powerful than the average person, even if you don’t consider yourself an adept. If you have been on the spiritual path for a while, your consciousness can outdo 100 to even 1000 or people who are un-awakened depending on how much love, joy, peace, belief and intention you can hold and how solidly you can hold it.


You may not realize it, but all this time you have been in training, 007 Secret Agent of Love. You have been improving on yourself, attaining your spiritual skills, and awakening. You have been preparing yourself for this era. You know this deep down in your soul.

It wasn’t all about healing your childhood or manifesting a nice house. It was preparation for what is going on now. We have entered a biblical, epic time. This is what we have all been waiting for.

If you are at the beginning of your spiritual path, don’t worry. Start now. You’re not too late. Things are moving at exponential speed, so you have the chance to cover more ground faster than normal. Truly it is just about opening to the divinity and eternal consciousness that is within you. It’s not actually a long path!

As I have said before, in the history books of the future, this will be known as the Great Awakening and you are living in that history right now. You are MAKING HISTORY!

What is your role in this history that is being made now? Will you be in fear, small, and powerless? Or will you be huge, powerful and wise, embracing the mission ahead of you to bring this world into a better version of itself?      Choose your role.


First, I want to talk to you about what it means to let your consciousness get hijacked.

What your consciousness focuses on, the emotional pole you resonate with (positive or negative), and the visions and thoughts you carry, this determines what future you are giving your energy to, which one gets more gas, so to speak. If you are in negative pole emotions and thoughts, you are giving juice to the dark engine and your consciousness has been hijacked. Even spiritually aware people are falling for this if they are fearful, depressed or angry.

We have two futures in front of us. A dark future full of oppression, and a bright Utopian future where humanity thrives and flourishes in a beautiful way. This is the moment of choice for humanity.

Obviously, you are one who wants to give the bright future more energy. Otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to what I’m saying here.

There is a reason the “conspiracy” videos haven’t been taken down before now. There is a reason so many violent movies have been made, horror flicks have become the norm, and bad news dominates the airwaves. There is a reason for economic oppression to keep people in a state of survival, and wars have been ongoing.  It is to keep you in negative pole emotions, on purpose.

Don’t be tricked. These are Jedi mind powers being played on you, but it’s time you change the game and play the Jedi mind powers back!

You see, there are powers in this world, human and otherwise, who know that if left up to its own devices, humanity would choose a beautiful future. Hands down. Not even a question about it. There are only 1% of these entities in this world, human and otherwise, who unfortunately have worked their way into places of power. 99% of humanity has good intentions, some more than others, but none the less, it’s the majority. A great majority! We have more than we need to make the shift to a better reality.

The 1% are terrified that the mass consciousness will discover this power that the mass consciousness has, that YOU have. If humanity discovers this, it is easy to change the world.

Humanity would say, “No more wars for you, no more money for you, and by the way, you’re fired!” That’s how easy it is for the masses to change this world. If those who serve darkness lose the support of humanity by being in fear or anger, they lose THEIR dream of a dark future! These are the universal laws at work. They cannot create the world they want without YOU giving energy to the dark future idea with your fear and anger. Remember, it’s still just an idea, not a manifestation yet. We have time to change it.

This 1% has learned how to hypnotize the masses, through entertainment, news, propaganda, and hype. What is happening is textbook hijacking of a mass consciousness. There has been much experimentation with influencing the mass consciousness. They thrive on you being angry, fearful or sad. They lose their possibility of a dark future when you are happy, in your power, and enlightened.

It is time now to take back your consciousness and do with it what YOU want it to do. You are manifesting, whether you know it or not, and you manifest through the frequencies you are holding. The powers that be know this and want your energy to contribute to the dark future they want to create, but they cannot do it without your participation in negative frequencies.

Don’t let your consciousness be hijacked anymore by dark sorcerers and manipulators who are trying to keep you in terror, sadness, survival and anger. Don’t be tricked by these smoke and mirror techniques.

You can outsmart this trick. Stop letting yourself be pulled into dark places with every bit of bad news, like a leaf bumping on the rocks in the river. Steer your consciousness and observe the bad news as a witness to history in the making, knowing that the outcome is good. I promise it is good, even if there are hard times between now and then. I’ve seen the outcome and it’s beautiful. Bless as an angel would these bits of bad news and hold space for the healing and acknowledge the lessons humanity is learning from that.

Now it’s time to change your game! You are too smart for these tricks if you are hearing this message right now.



How does a person un-hijack the consciousness and take power back from this idea of a dark future that seems so imminent? Here’s how. You focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. It’s actually very simple.

Which version of the future do you want to give more juice to? Choose wisely! Your consciousness is powerful! Which version FEELS better to imagine? We are all imagining the future right now, dark or light, and those imaginings are creating it. All manifestations start in the imagination. Be careful what you are imagining.

Whichever future FEELS better to you to imagine, that’s the one to give your energy and focus to. Dream a beautiful future! What you dream, manifests. What you envision, happens. What you intend, appears.

Instead of letting your consciousness be pushed into feeling and thinking things you don’t want to feel or think, it is time now to change your game and do what YOU want to do with your consciousness. You do that by choosing your thoughts and feelings about the future. You CAN choose what you want to think and feel, you know. It’s a choice. You don’t HAVE to think and feel what you are being encouraged to think and feel by dark sorcerers.

If the thoughts and feelings about the future are not ones that make you feel good, ditch them! NOW!

Give more time and energy to thinking of a beautiful future and what that will look like for you as an individual and for humanity as a whole. Not only will you feel better all the time, and heaven will be all around you, but you will also change the timeline that humanity is on.

Literally, you will not be a vibrational match to a dark future if you dream of the beauty which awaits us as a species. Be a vibrational match to a heavenly future.

Your emotions follow your thoughts. Let your emotions follow those beautiful dreams, not the fearful ones. Picture humanity’s beautiful future in your mind, look at the details. Notice how different this feels in your body! It feels great, doesn’t it?!!!! Much better than imagining a dark future. Get purposeful and determined about this beautiful vision you have.

Imagine what it is like to thrive in a beautiful future where you experience freedom you never knew possible. What would it be like if every person in the world has food, opportunities, education, and happiness? What would it be like if there was no such thing as war anymore? What would it be like if everyone has enough money for their needs and even more than enough to launch their dreams?

Picture it now, right here in this moment. Taste it, feel it, smell it, see it, hear it, BE it. Let the smile in your heart get big. It sure does feel yummy to imagine that instead of something dark, right?

What if the energy we use is no longer oil? We use clean energy and the skies are clear and beautiful in every city. What if there was balance with the animals and the environment? What if we are all happy beyond anything we have ever known? You are smiling and fulfilled in this future, and so is everyone else. What if there is no cabal, dark intentions by leaders, or conspiracies anymore? What if our leaders are in true service to humanity’s well-being? What if all nations get along and solve their differences in mature and peaceful ways?

Picture it now. FEEL it now. Energize it now. NOW IS THE POINT OF POWER TO DETERMINE THE FUTURE. Right here in this moment.

Let the smile in your heart get bigger and bigger until you are contagious with your positivity (no pun intended!) to all the people around you. If anyone is to catch a virus, let it be a virus of happiness, excitement and joy! The joy wells up in you to the point you can hardly contain it. Feel the excitement and thrill of humanity triumphing and entering the age of light. Let your light and excitement spill out from you like sparkles dancing to the hearts of others.

These are the things you must give your energy to if you want a beautiful future for humanity. You must see and envision the beautiful world you want, both on a personal level and on a mass level. Imagine that all the world’s problems are solved, and humanity works together to figure out better ways to do things. Imagine the whole world smiling, happy, responsible, and sweet! Humanity really is sweet at the core. Imagine the Earth clean and beautiful, lovely, and the animals without fear of humans. Picture this in your mind, feel this in your heart, and by doing this you make it so.

Your wish is your command. Your dream becomes your manifested creation.


Choose your heaven. Right now. What would a heavenly world look like to you? Heaven is here. In you. Now amplify it!

Even if you aren’t always in a heavenly space, you are sometimes, so you know what it’s like. Nurture this skill to hold heaven frequencies, move into your mastery, and shine, shine, shine, shine, shine!

Moving through this experience doesn’t have to be done with suffering. Become masterful and remember why you came here. Remember the agreement you made before birth. Remember your role that you agreed to play. Remember your mastery, your skills, and your divinity. In your meditations you will remember.

When you take charge of your consciousness and what it does, you are using the laws of the universe just like a magician does. Magic is not magic. It is masterful use of the natural laws of the universe.

To everyone else it looks like magic, but you secretly know as a masterful alchemist and magician that you are simply using the laws of the universe to bend reality in the direction you want it to bend. You have this ability, creator being, 007 Secret Agent of Love. You can bend reality.

With gratitude, this article is excerpted and printed here with permission of Dr. Christine Breese, founder of the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  https://metaphysicsuniversity.com/ or www.umsonline.org  Visit UMS website for information on their degree programs, store for purchase of online courses, and more blogs, satsang videos, and meditations from Dr. Breese.