When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

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In order to understand the term Fifth Dimension a little background is helpful.

A dimension is a measurement or grade of vibration. 

– The first dimension is a straight line, movement in one direction.

– The second dimension is when two different lines of force meet and intersect, such as a square. 

– The third dimension is most familiar as we regularly use measurements of length, width and depth or height thus forming something like a cube.  

– The fourth dimension, as referred to by Albert Einstein, is time/space as we understand it from a 3D perspective. Vera Stanly Alder and others speak of the fourth dimension as radiation or electrical energy coming out of material form.  The aura would be an example of this: clairvoyant activity, mental energy, any of the energies that radiate out of forms.

– The fifth dimension is a vibrational field that is different from anything with which we are familiar or can really understand with our current five physical senses. If the fourth dimension is a going outward from a center, the fifth dimension is the movement inward.

Radiant energy or radiation moves out into space from form, but the fifth dimension goes inward beyond any kind of time and space.  Alder calls this the realm of the World Mind, or the Universal Mind and within-ness. She claims that here we will learn the lessons of oneness, unity, the breaking down of all barriers, and the integration of all aspects of life.

Edward Witten, a Princeton physicist who is considered by many to be the inheritor of Einstein’s throne, has suggested that there are at least ten dimensions in his superstring theory of the cosmos.  He says that when the “big bang” occurred, six of them were blown out of our sphere and we haven’t regained contact with them as yet, but that we can begin to understand them mathematically.  One of the things that he mentions is that it is difficult to assume that the other dimensions exist when one is limited in one dimension.  He talks about unseen dimensions. 

To understand that idea a little bit more, it is helpful to refer to a book called Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott.  This is a classic in the field, a kind of allegory similar to the style of Gulliver’s Travels. It was originally written in 1884 and has since been made into a movie and updated versions of the book.  Flatland is a world with only two dimensions. In Flatland, people can see around themselves, any geometrical shape, but they cannot see depth since everything is flat.  

Eventually the protagonist in the book is visited by a sphere from another dimension who tells him all kinds of interesting new things, and when he repeats them to others, they think he is crazy because no one has ever heard of inter-dimensional travel before.  He realizes that there may even be something beyond three dimensions.  But when he suggests this, the visitor says, “Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows there are only three dimensions!” 

The idea is to give the reader a sense of the way in which dimensions of awareness can limit thinking. It helps us understand the people we meet who tell us we are crazy when we have psychic experiences.  They don’t perceive them because of their limitations; therefore, they cannot credit them in any way.  And there may be things that others tell us that we may not be ready to accept. It’s good to keep an open mind.  Remember the saying, “a mind is like a parachute; it functions only when open.”

Next time we’ll talk about how humanity is already moving very rapidly into a higher or Fifth dimension and what that looks like in everyday life.  

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