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MCNJ Sponsorship Opportunities

As you know, we at MCNJ have been mindful of the strains which the pandemic has placed on everyone. In benevolence to our members, we have once again waived membership fees for the current year.

Since we have not collected our membership fee for the past three years, we are looking to obtain sponsors for MCNJ.  We hope you will be able to lend your financial support as a loyal member and friend of MCNJ through sponsorship.

Sponsorship Levels

Member Sponsor

Available for anyone whether or not you have been a member or are currently a Lifetime member.  This level of participation will be recognized on a special Sponsorship page on the website.  We thank you for your loyal support by listing you individually with your name, or anonymously if you prefer. A Member Sponsor is $25.

Advertising Sponsor

Publicize your service, product, or business. This level of participation is subject to approval by the MCNJ Board. There are four tiers of Advertising Sponsors with different benefits for each level.

All Advertising Sponsors will be acknowledged in the appropriate category on a special Sponsorship page on the MCNJ website.

In addition,

Bronze Sponsors $50 –  Will be included in a social media post.

Silver Sponsors $75 –  Will be additionally promoted in an email to our entire Constant Contact list.

Gold Sponsors $100 –  Will be further promoted in a dedicated social media post where they will be tagged and their website will be listed in the post and image.

Platinum Sponsors (greatest value) $150 or more –  This level includes all of the fantastic benefits listed above in addition to a special banner on the MCNJ website Home Page.  This will include your logo and a full description of your service, product, or business, and a link to your website.  Please be as generous as you are able.

Sponsorship Form

If you make a mistake on this form, do not press the Submit button.  Simply refresh the page, and the form will reset.


Member Sponsor
Advertising Sponsor
Enter in the amount of your sponsorship ($150 is the minimum amount for a Platinum sponsorship)
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