When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

MCNJ’s Virtual Psychic Fair

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Saturday, February 24, 2024 and Sunday, February 25, 2024

10am – 5pm ET
on Zoom and by Phone

All Psychic Readers are providing their readings at a reduced rate in honor of MCNJ’s fundraiser.  

These intuitive Psychic Readers have been vetted by MCNJ. All are gifted in their field and are in service to bring forth the highest level of information to you from your guides and the Higher dimensions. Registration ends at midnight on February 22nd, but spaces will fill quickly. Click the button below for tips on how to choose a reader.


There are 8 wonderful intuitives who can help answer your questions from 10AM – 5PM each day.  How do you know who to choose to do a reading and get your answers?

Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card Readers

Use a special deck of cards along with their intuition to answer questions such as: Am I meant to move soon and where? Or How long is this relationship going to last?  Or What do I most need to know over the next three months? Our Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card Readers are: Diane Rivera, Pina – Lady of the Light, Yvette – Insight with Love, and Lisa Daley.


Are psychics who can help you to connect with departed friends, relatives, or other loved ones in the spirit world.  It is very comforting to get messages from the Other Side and a medium can bring a message for you using evidence only you might recognize. Our Mediums are: Lindsey Sass, Pina – Lady of the Light, Joanie Eisinger, Diane Rivera, and Lisa Daley.

Healers such as Shamans and Medical Intuitives

May be able to tap into underlying health issues for you or your pet and give insight about possible conditions that concern you.  They are not meant to take the place of a medical professional but often bring to our awareness issues we need to address. Our Healer psychics for people and pets are: Bill Bradley, Joanie Eisinger and Lindsey Sass.

Special Skills

All of our readers are psychic and can offer a general Psychic Reading. Some intuitives, however, have special skills as well. Diane Rivera is offering Soul Life Readings.

How It Works


Choose from among the Readers listed below! (Try more than one!).


Click the register button to choose what time works for you and is on their schedule. (All times are ET)


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Click the register button to choose what time works for you and is on their schedule.

Readings are $80 for 30 minutes. Registration ends at midnight ET on February 22nd.

Detailed Reader Bios

Diane Rivera

Diane Rivera


Diane Rivera is a 3rd generation INTUITIVE PSYCHIC MEDIUM and EMPATH. She connects with spirit guides, guardian angels, departed loved ones, ancestors, and elemental energies and asks those guides for the information, healing, and guidance that you need. Diane’s readings often show the direction of your life path and can reveal the likely events that are coming because of choices. As an empathic healer, she helps you connect with your own inner healer. Diane also teaches and provides guided meditation, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and mentorship.

Contact her at (845) 406-7021 or RiveraDiane13@gmail.com

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley


Bill Bradley is offering PSYCHIC and MEDICAL INTUITIVE READINGS. He specializes in seeing the unknown reasons for illness or any issue in the mental, physical or spiritual body. Bill works as a full-time medical medium and clairvoyant healer. He provides energy scans and chakra clearings for his clients.

For further information about Bill, please see his website at www.billbradleyreadings.com or call 973-262-4355 or email – Check out Bill’s Google Reviews Here!

Pina Lady of The Light

Pina Lady of The Light


Pina Lady of The Light in an ORACLE PSYCHIC MEDIUM. Blessed with many gifts, she works in the ANGELIC REALM. Pina follows her Spiritual path through this life using her gifts to help others. Her gifts include contact with loved ones in the Realm of the Divine, Angel communication and Psychic ability to see the future. To help with the fruition of manifestations, she blends oils, enchants candles, makes spiritual baths and incense. Pina also facilitates workshops, Candle Magick, Smudge Fans and Pendulum classes . She holds monthly Spirit Circles to connect to Loved ones.

Contact Info: Ladyofthelight3@optonline.net or 203-312-4497

Lisa Daley

Lisa Daley


Lisa Daley is offering ORACLE PSYCHIC/MEDIUMSHIP readings. She connects with the ANGELIC and ELEMENTAL REALMS as well as with her own and a client’s angel, guides or ancestors that want to provide messages and validations. Lisa comes from three generations of intuitive ancestors, and has had a connection with the spirit world from a very early age.  She uses clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairsalience during readings as well as tapping into her client through her empathic nature. Once the door is opened to Spirit the client can expect messages to come through via signs, symbols, spoken word, sounds and feelings. Lisa shares all messages that come through. She reads yearly at Crow Haven Corner, Salem, MA, as well as ongoing private events.

Lisa may be contacted at 845-240-0881 or at daleydouble2@yahoo.com

Yvette – Insight with Love

Yvette – Insight with Love


Yvette – Insight with Love is an INTUITIVE TAROT READER. Yvette focuses her readings on the energy surrounding all general areas in your life, and provides insight and guidance that she receives from her team of Enlightened and Divine beings. Her reading of the Tarot cards helps her clients to reflect within and to provide guidance on their personal journey. In addition, Yvette provides healing through intuitive energy work.

She can be reached at insightwithlove@gmail.com.

Joanie Eisinger

Joanie Eisinger


Joanie Eisinger is a PSYCHIC, HEALER, MEDIUM, and ANIMAL and MEDICAL INTUITIVE. She answers questions via channeling about finances, romance, family, career, pets, sexuality, weight loss, addiction, and more. She clears negative energies, identifies spirit guides and one’s Divine Purpose, and jumps into “past lives” to identify blocks and assist in clearing negative karma. Difficult situations can be delved into for meaning. As a former therapist for ten years, she was “fast tracked” around 2003-2005 and is now able to assist others with their Awakening. A client can expect that their questions will be answered by Joanie, one by one in a timely manner. MUCH information is given during this time. Feel free to tape session. For further information about Joanie: www.joanieswhitelighthealing.com.

She can be reached at j.eising@comcast.net.

Lindsey Sass

Lindsey Sass


Lindsey Sass is Director of The NJ Healing Center. She is a natural CLAIRVOYANT GUIDE, MEDIUM, HEALER, and SPIRITUAL TEACHER and a nationally Certified Hypnotist with a degree in Psychology. She connects her clients to their deceased loved one’s intending to bring love, comfort, and spiritual guidance. She has created a specific technique to help her clients heal from the loss of their loved one and to own their natural gifts. She also guides them on their life path by understanding their gifts, talents and abilities and helps them toward a happier more fulfilling life including love relationships. Lindsey has been featured in five publications.

She can be reached at Lindseysass@gmail.com or 973-714-0765.

Registration ends at midnight ET on February 22nd, but spaces will fill quickly.  Reserve your spot by clicking the button below!

All readings are for educational and entertainment purposes only and make no claim to provide medical, legal, or financial advice.

Once payment is complete, your time slot will be confirmed, and no one else will be able to book that time slot.  Because of this, there will be no refunds.  Readers have a tight schedule, and it is your responsibility to be on-time for your reading.

For questions or more information, contact: Bill at info@metaphysicalcenter.org