When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

By Bente Hansen

Living in a time of significant change can be challenging and unsettling. Currently, a great deal of information is circulating via the media and Internet expounding the end of life and reality as we know it. These predictions are generally depicted as inevitable outcomes.

Despite these predictions many individuals worldwide know that humanity and Earth are gradually moving into a time of global peace. This change is a process that humanity creates and experiences along the way, as there is a shift out of an outdated paradigm into one that supports peace, love, community and unity.

When Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was alive he channeled that the biggest change of all would be one of inner transformation. What did he mean by this? How would it happen?

Currently, we are experiencing an evolutionary shift. According to Cayce we are evolving rapidly. This evolution is occurring because the human DNA is shifting from two to twelve-strand functioning, and possibly even beyond. Functioning at the higher DNA levels brings about change in everything relating to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functioning. As the DNA changes there is more light (bio photon particles) stored in our bodies. This results in changes to the frequency at which we vibrate. As the vibration shifts to higher levels then everything rapidly changes within reality.

In the information he provides from beyond the veil, Cayce has explained in simple and do-able terms just what this shift entails. He is emphatic about the changes involved in this process of inner transformation. They include:

Shifting our focus from external reality to going within. This involves exploring the inner reality we all possess, which comprises an incredibly rich tapestry of wisdom, knowledge and creativity.

Shifting from functioning in linear time into the Now moment. This involves letting go of everything that has already occurred and not worrying about the future. The phenomenon of time compressing rapidly into the Now moment is already happening.

Transforming into a multi-dimensional reality state. This involves accessing all our abilities, including the ability to see into and function within all realities simultaneously. According to Cayce we now have the potential to become as wise and aware as the sages who gifted humanity with their knowledge and teachings in ancient times.

Changing the energy of the language used daily. As our vibration shifts to higher levels of consciousness, it is imperative that language usage consists of words of a higher frequency. There must be an energy resonance between our language and the vibration that we are shifting into.

The teachings of Cayce from beyond the veil are extensive. He reminds us that as courageous souls we have chosen to be here, at this juncture in Earth’s history, to participate in this great shift of the ages.

Cayce gently reminds us of our responsibility in this regard. He responds firmly, and often with humor, to questions from audiences. Below is a typical question and response relating to the process of inner transformation.

Q: My understanding is that we should be taking a positive outlook and not be negative. This way we raise the vibration as opposed to the other way.

A: It is by looking at the positive in everything. Some may say when you do this you are ignoring reality. Let me ask, ‘What is reality?’ Reality is different for each individual. Each individual manifests reality according to the ability to create through thought. Even in the midst of disaster and tragedy there are those who are uplifted because they understand reality creation is an individual process, that you make of any situation what you choose.

As you view the positive in life your vibration shifts – and you support others in shifting theirs. It is about placing forth the energy and vibration of acceptance that life is what it is. In order to feel love sometimes humans choose to experience suffering. How can you know love if you haven’t experienced the opposite?

When you have this awareness then there is perfection in everything. It shifts your vibration into a higher consciousness through being positive, and changes everything.

Q: You are saying, no matter what you are going through, you can change your perception?

A: Yes! When you go through this process you go into the silence, then into reflection, then you become mindful of the words chosen. If you continue to use the same words as always, then you create more of the same. It is that simple. When you have mindfulness around language usage you consciously reflect, ‘This is the word I’ve always used but what is another way of expressing this? What is the word that leaves me feeling more optimistic?’ When choosing language that does this you then begin to feel the changes. You are living in a time of almost instantaneous manifestation so it is important to have this conscious awareness, to make changes in thinking.

Change can only transpire due to your diligence and application. That diligence and application only arises once you have the awareness of what needs to change. You only have the awareness of what needs to change once you go within into the silence and into reflection. It is a process. Begin it and you will begin to see and feel the changes.

Rev. Bente Hansen is an energy healer, channel, spiritual counselor, holistic intuitive, author, radio host and teacher.