When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

By Christine Kloser

Last week, one of my long-time subscribers responded to my previous article to ask if I’d write about exactly what a “brilliance zone” is.  So, at her request, I’m happy to share this with you.

The best way to answer this question is to list some of the aspects that exist when you are in your brilliance zone.  My hope is that as you read these aspects, you’ll get their meaning on a deep level – one that will help you live in your brilliance zone more and more!

Serving with Joy
The first way of knowing you’re in your brilliance zone is that you feel deeply connected to the service you provide for others.  While it may appear to be “business as usual” – you know, in the core of your being, the power of the work you do.  And, you do it with gratitude for the opportunity to serve, while also experiencing tremendous JOY as you do so.

Being Lit Up From Within
The next way to know you’re in your brilliance zone is by feeling the light inside of you burning brightly..  You have an awareness of the spark that resides inside of your own heart, and you feel it lighting you up from the inside out.  You may find yourself so “on fire” that you giggle with glee when you feel the magnitude of the energy that’s alive inside of you.

Bearing Witness
The third way to know you’re in your brilliance zone is when you fully experience the gift of bearing witness to the growth and transformation happening for those you serve (your customers and clients).  You have an awareness of what is happening for them and you open yourself to hold the space for your customer/client to shine their light and to see the truth of who they are.  This experience brings me to tears over and over again – when I get to bear witness to a client’s transformation.  When you’re in your brilliance zone, you are fully present to the blessing of witnessing another’s transformation.

Connected to Your Higher Purpose
When you’re in your brilliance zone, you feel deeply connected to your higher purpose.  You have a sense that your contribution is not from your own doing, rather you understand that you are one piece of a Divine puzzle, and you are committed to contributing YOUR unique piece… no matter what!

Not Taking Full Credit
When you are in your brilliance zone, your work doesn’t feel like work.  And, it doesn’t feel like “work” because it’s not all being done by the individual known as you. Stepping into your brilliance zone involves accepting that everything you do springs forth out of a co-creative process with the Source that sustains all things (whether you are consciously aware of this, or not).  So, you know you’re in your brilliance zone when you share the “credit” for your success with the Source that fuels you.  You are deeply grateful, and fully present to the joyous gift that’s been given to you.  And, you give credit where credit is due… to you AND your co-creative source!

Now that you’re more familiar with what I’m talking about when I refer to your “brilliance zone”… I encourage you to reflect on if/where/how you are living in that zone.  And, if you’re not in it as often as you’d like, then consider making some shifts so you are!

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