When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

By Cyrus Ryan

The WESAK Festival takes place every Full Moon in Taurus. It is at this time that the Buddha, the Fully Enlightened One, returns to humanity as the focus of a sacred ceremony that takes place somewhere in the Himalaya mountains. In this sacred hidden valley in the Himalayan Mountain Range the great Masters of Wisdom, Initiates, and advanced Disciples from around the world gather to take part in this momentous spiritual alignment when the Buddha returns. The ceremony is officiated by Lord Maitreya, the present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary government, the World Teacher. Just prior to the moment of WESAK this hallowed brotherhood begins to intone the sacred mantras that invoke the presence of the Buddha. At the exact time of WESAK, the Buddha in a blaze of radiant golden light is seen descending from the sky alighting on top of a flattened rock that is at the center of the ceremony. The Buddha with his hand raised in blessing, passes his blessings to those great ones who are present. These Masters and Initiates then act as transformers stepping down this powerful energy from the Buddha and then radiate it out to all disciples and aspirants around the world.

“It is this stepping down process which takes place at the time of the Taurus Full Moon, and it is brought to a ‘focus of transmission’ by the massed intent of the Hierarchy and the massed demand of the world aspirants and disciples-itself drawn forth by the massed need of the people of all lands.” (Initiation and the Seven Rays)

How can we take part in this great spiritual event?

Aspirants from around the world are now gathering every WESAK to invoke the blessings of the Buddha. Through centering, visualization, and chanting in a 7th Ray ceremonial all aspirants can place themselves in that sacred valley in the Himalayas and take part in the WESAK Festival. The purpose is two fold:

(1) To receive the powerful uplifting blessings inspiring us to greater effort to make spiritual progress on the Path of Return.

(2) To receive encouragement and strength for the needed service to humanity.

What is it that should be accomplished at each momentous full moon in the astrological sign of Taurus which occurs at the end of April or the beginning of May each year? The releasing of certain energies which can potently affect humanity, and which will stimulate the spirit of love, of brotherhood and of good will on earth.


For those who are making conscious spiritual efforts on the Path of Return there are two main festivals of great importance; WESAK, and the Festival of the Christ. The Christ’s Festival and World Invocation Day occurs on the Full Moon in Gemini. This is the last festival of the year from an esoteric astrological aspect relative to our earth. The Festival season begins on the inner planes when the Sun begins its northward path starting with the Full Moon in Capricorn and ending with the Full Moon in Gemini. After that the Sun enters on its southern path and no great esoteric festivals take place. When the Sun moves northward the greatest spiritual efforts and progress on the Path can be made. The Festival of the Christ represents the culmination of this period of spiritual endeavor by the aspirant to the ancient mysteries.

Up until WESAK the aspirant strives to make progress increasing the strength and knowledge of the soul in-incarnation (Essential Nature). During the Festival of the Christ the aspirant prays for inspiration and guidance on the Path of dedicated service to humanity.

The Christ’s Festival and World Invocation Day includes all faiths. The Christ, Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva (World teacher), the teacher of both angels and men is not Jesus as incorrectly regarded by traditional biblical mistranslations and religion. The Christ, Lord Maitreya, is that great being, the head of the spiritual Hierarchy for our planet, who in times of great crisis returns to earth as he did for three years using the body of Jesus in Palestine. Jesus and his disciples are not ordinary men, but Initiates of the ancient esoteric mysteries whose Dharma/service lies with evolution of Western civilization. Thus it is during the Festival of the Christ that we invoke the blessings of Lord Maitreya through the ‘Great Invocation’ to help us with our own effort of service in whatever spiritual capacity we work.

Cyrus Ryan is a Zen Theosophist that lives in Canada and comes to the U.S. to lecture and conduct events for MCNJ and others.