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Videos in this series

Kathy Kerston: Releasing Ancestral and Past Life Memories
Science has shown that memories are saved in the cells of the human body.  DNA studies also show that it is not just memories from this lifetime, but also ancestral as well as past life memories that are stored. Rev. Kathy Kerston shares with us, through her personal experience with her grandson, how to release the stored energy that may be causing physical illness. She reveals the process that we all can use to do this.  The evidence from those to whom she has already taught this procedure is overwhelming. It’s a must-see opportunity to learn how to help yourself and your loved ones.  Kathy is offering, as a free gift, the meditation she uses for this release. Be sure to get this at the end of Kathy Kerston’s talk.

Susan Richter: Drug-free Enzyme Medicine: Lifeforce in a Capsule
Susan Richter, RN, makes it very clear in this video that, while vitamins, minerals and other supplements may be somewhat helpful, we are still missing something. Her work with clients has shown that the use of Enzymes can radically change the micro-environment in the human body especially in the digestive tract. Susan discusses the importance of diet and how protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber affect the digestive process. She gives clear guidance on nutrition and the nutrients needed to help with the stress of everyday life and how to bring the body back to homeostasis—all without medicine by using enzymes. Be sure to call Susan for her free gift of a 15-minute analysis of any signs and symptoms you are experiencing.

Bill Prinzivalli: Improv to Improve Leadership and Consciousness
Bill Prinzivalli’s talk is not just for those in the corporate business world despite his years of experience as an entrepreneur and successful businessman. His knowledge as a student of improvisation also gives him the ability to blend those experiences with the skills he learned in improv school.  Bill shows us how to apply those abilities to any communication in life. He shares with us how deep listening, self-assessment, authenticity and honest reaction will lead to more conscious and spiritual practices in all areas of life. He is offering a free gift to consult with him about your ideas and questions so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get the advice you’ve been looking for in business—and life.

Lois Kramer-Perez: Feng Shui Away Your Fears Feng Shui is an aspect of ancient Chinese medicine.  It is an art and science that has been used for over 3,000 years to assist people in their homes, their work and their health.  Lois Kramer-Perez uses these same techniques in her practice as she guides her clients in space clearing and helping them to find their soul’s purpose. She will share some of the principles underlying Feng Shui and give us nine tips to use in our daily life. She will specifically focus on three important actions we can take and how to use them to release fear. Lois is offering two free gifts: an excellent Feng Shui Fashion article and an Ebook she has authored.  Be sure to get both gifts after Lois’ talk.

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer: The Spiritual Journey of Awakening, Liberation, And Transformation
The fascinating journey of a woman’s quest to find the truth which would set her free is also the voyage we are all on in this lifetime.  Sheikha Maryam Kabeer shares her story while at the same time urging us all to become conscious travelers as we journey back to our Exalted Source. With beautiful poetic imagery, Maryam shows us how we can nourish and appreciate the peace found inside during this period of separation. Using Islamic chanting and prayers, Sheikha Maryam brings us to that place of peace within, encouraging us to journal our experiences as we travel this spiritual path. Be sure to take advantage of Sheikha Maryam Kabeer’s free gift for a 5 – 10 minute counselling session on the phone with her.

Jennifer Dickens: Awakening Heart Wisdom for an Ascending Age
The HeartMath Institute has provided some of the best scientific research concerning the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. Jennifer Dickens, as a certified HeartMath trained coach, shows us how to put this scientific knowledge into practical skills we can use every day. By awakening our heart’s wisdom, we can learn to connect with our highest Self and tap into our divine nature.  As we learn to develop heart coherence through the tools she will share with us, we can change our heart rhythm pattern to create this coherence.  This will allow us to live with improved emotional wellbeing and increased order and harmony in mind and body.  Be sure to get Jennifer’s free gift for a limited time: a 90 minute program called The HeartMath Experience.     

Mei Jin Lu: I-Ching Wisdom and Answers for Your Life’s Changes
I-Ching is one of the oldest Chinese divination texts called The Book of Changes and has inspired many religions and philosophies throughout the world. Dr. Mei Jin Lu, a 25th generation lineage holder in the Taoist tradition, will teach us how to interpret the readings that The Book of Changes gives us. She will show how we can use I-Ching simply and effectively in this dynamic, changing world. Using the advice we get from I-Ching coin casting, we will be able to ask the Oracle questions and get immediate answers to help us see clearly what is ahead and make the right decisions. 

Dr. Gerald Buchoff: Holistic Veterinary and Home Care for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets
Most of us are aware of the benefits related to a more holistic lifestyle: better nutrition, healthy exercise, and an appropriate balance of rest, work, and play.  But how aware are you of the same benefits for your pet? Dr. Gerald Buchoff uses many of the same treatments we look for in a holistic medical doctor for ourselves and families and his talk explains how his approach is different as a holistic veterinary doctor. He stresses the three most important things you can do for your pet to insure a longer and healthier life. Because Dr. Buchoff believes so strongly in raw nutrition, he is offering listeners to pick up a free bag of Dr. Bs Longevity Raw Dog or Cat Food at his office.  Be sure to get yours!  

Nancy Smith: Ayurveda: Balancing the Rhythms of Life
Nancy Smith has studied Ayurveda for over 20 years. Her experiences in India solidified not only her knowledge of this traditional Hindu system of medicine, but how to help westerners form a daily routine which will enhance their vitality and wellbeing.  Using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing, Nancy will show us how Ayurveda can balance the elements in our bodily systems. She will help us to understand the three Doshas and the influence on each person’s unique body type as well as the rhythmic influences on the time of day, year and life cycle. Nancy is offering a free 20 minute phone consultation. Be sure to take advantage of her expertise in this and many other areas.      

Peggy Neligan: Chinese Face Reading
Chinese Face Reading is one branch of ancient Chinese medicine which is over 3,000 years old and is based on patterns in nature, in the environment, and in the body.  Peggy Neligan will share her expertise in reading the features, wrinkles, and markings on a face so that you, too, can read a face like a map. This map can tell you where you’ve been and where you’re going on your life’s journey: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you read your own or a loved one’s face, Peggy will show you how face reading reveals a person’s true nature. This allows you to love and have compassion for yourself and others. Take advantage of her free Summary of Features and Markings for Chinese Face Reading to download and use for yourself and others

James John: How to Deal with Anxiety and Depression
When you are in the depth of darkest despair, and suicide seems to be the only way out, sometimes transformation happens.  James John knows first-hand about this experience. He is exquisitely poised to help all of us deal with the dark energy that confronts us at times whether it looks like fear, anxiety or depression.  He will share examples and lessons on how to practice sending the darkness love which will leave us more conscious and prevent the spiraling pitfall of anxiety and depression.  James’ passion is to help spread the message of self-love, forgiveness and surrender as a path to inner peace and unconditional love for all things. He is offering a very generous gift of ten free, 30-minute consultations to assist people in dealing with their anxiety.    

Harriet Wagniere: TAROT: A 21st Century Perspective
If you are looking to gain access to your intuition learn to read Tarot. Harriet Wagniere has been reading and teaching Tarot for over 30 years.  She will provide a framework for the study and use of Tarot from a Metaphysical, Psychological (Carl Jung), and Kabbalistic view.  Using the 78 cards in the Rider-Waite deck, Harriet teaches about Tarot as a “sacred, symbolic system of communication” with your higher self, explaining WHY and HOW Tarot works for guidance. She will discuss the meaning, colors, numbers, and symbols of each suit as well as the different purposes of the Major and Minor Arcana.  Care and keeping of the cards is also important. Open your intuition to this sacred language and tool.  Harriet’s free gift can be downloaded right on her Home Page.     

Dr. Ken Harris:  Synchronicity: The Magic -The Mystery -The Meaning
If you are looking for more meaning, purpose, and connection in your life, apply the principles of synchronicity.  Dr. Kenneth Harris will teach you those principles as he studies, lives, and applies the laws of success guided by what he experiences in his everyday life.  Learn the seven types of synchronicities and the five questions you need to ask for interpreting them.  To ensure that you are paying attention to the signs and symbols that the universe is continually sending you, learn four practices you can apply right away. These will help you to validate that you are on the right spiritual path.  Ken is offering a free User Guide for Categorizing and Understanding Synchronicity—the 7,6,5,4 Formula on his Home Page. Be sure to download it.     

Kate Neligan: The Power of the Human Animal Bond and Animal Communication
Horses’ hearts are five times the size of human hearts. They are always receiving information from the human electromagnetic field and giving feedback. Kate Neligan says that this is the basis of the human-animal bond. She will share some research showing how a horse’s heart rhythms can respond to the emotional state of a nearby human and how this is also true of our pets at home.  As an intuitive animal communicator, Kate will share how to practice the human-animal bond with your pets or other animals you see.  She gives three tips to begin your own animal communication journey. Kate is recording from the Mother Ranch in Colorado and will give a communication message from one of the horses.  Get her free E-book From Stressed to Synergized on her Home Page.   

Ioana Aboumitri: Kelani: A Polynesian-inspired Wellness Program
Ioana’s mission is to spread the spirit and culture of her Samoan ancestors. She does this through Kelani which is a wellness program she designed.  Using her experiences with pilates and yoga, and based on inspiration from her two oldest daughters, Ioana founded Kelani.  She combines the graceful and mindful movements found in her native Polynesian island home with visualization and guided meditation to form the basis of Kelani.  The three basic elements of this practice focus on a connection to the hips, to nature, and to humanity and the Higher Self.  Ioana spreads her message of Alofa (love in Samoan) through all of her work but especially through Kelani.  Spread Alofa is the title of her second book.  Enjoy Ioana’s free gift of Polynesian music produced by her Aunty.

Lindsey Sass: Develop Clairvoyant and Psychic Abilities 
Not everyone needs to be struck by lightning to become psychic.  Although that was what happened when Lindsey Sass developed her intuitive and mediumistic skills, she says that everyone has intuition.  Lindsey believes that you can develop your own intuitive abilities with practice and why it is important to develop your intuition. She teaches courses to help people develop and expand their abilities and in this talk she will share an exercise to help you develop yours.  Through a meditation, Lindsey will take you on a journey through the advanced clairvoyant chakras and psychic centers in the body. You will learn techniques to trust your heart and gut to help you in making life choices.  Lindsey is offering a raffle for a free 30-minute clairvoyant reading so be sure to register.   

Erina Cowan: Dowsing as a Quantum Healing Technique: Where Science Meets Mysticism
Expand your mind to access the field of all possibilities. Mind Field Repatterning is a dowsing method that David and Erina Cowan developed together over the course of a decade. ‘MFR’ is designed to reduce suffering, save time and dissolve the illusion of separation. This serves as a potent ally in Awakening One’s Heart. Core energetic patterns that manifest as limitations in one’s life can easily be recognized and released, resulting in the creation of new realities. ‘MFR’ goes beyond classic dowsing to work on shifting patterns in the quantum field.  Erina will present the foundational principles of this work, get you up-and-going with the basics and do a group clearing.  What perfect timing on this planet to learn how to navigate through chaos with greater ease and grace!  

Ilona Hress: How to Use Your Quartz Crystal Point
The mineral kingdom understands the effects of heat and pressure to create metamorphosis, so our crystal friends are greatly supporting humanity’s successful transition into a soul-embodied species at this time. Ilona Hress uses her expertise with quartz crystal points to teach us how to use that support.  She guides us in the study of this workhorse of the mineral kingdom as we investigate the faces, edges, markings, clarity, and internal spiral crystal formation.  Understanding why your crystal has ended up in your care and how to use it is an important first step in developing an effective and powerful relationship with your quartz. Ilona has provided two worksheets to accompany this talk.  Be sure to download them when you click the link for her free gift as well.