When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Meet Our Executive Board

Our Officers

Peggy Neligan, PhD

Is President of the Metaphysical Center. She has been with MCNJ for 25 years as a student, teacher and officer on the governing board holding positions in both program and education. In addition to teaching the 13 level course of study, she also teaches two courses in Spiritual Psychology. Peggy is a life-long student of the esoteric teachings and enjoys golf, piano and gardening at both her NJ and FL homes.

Harriet Wagniere

Is Vice-President of the Metaphysical Center. As Director Emeritus, she led the organization for 12 years. Harriet has been with MCNJ since the late 1970s as a student of the founder, Donald Yott. She has served on the board in many roles and has been a teacher of both the 13 level course of study as well as courses in Tarot, Meditation, and Dreams. She enjoys travel, teaching, reading, nature walks, and spiritual counseling.

Helen Van Slyke

Is Treasurer of the Metaphysical Center. Her experience as Membership Chairperson since 2000 has honed her skills of organization and attention to detail. She has been a member of MCNJ for 24 years and has co-chaired the Fall Festival annual fundraiser for much of that time. Helen enjoys traveling, reading, her many friends, and her newly acquired pastime – golf!

Jennifer Kwock

Is the Secretary of the Metaphysical Center. She is newest member of the Executive Board and brings her expertise in business to fulfill the duties of this role.  She has over 10 years of experience working as an administrative assistant at various financial institutions in New York City.  Jennifer enjoys learning new things, traveling, arts and crafts, and Qigong.

Karl Schinke

Is Parliamentarian and Member-at-Large of the Executive Board. A retired aerospace engineer, he has completed the 13-level course of study in Metaphysics and Parapsychology, Tibetan Studies and several other MCNJ courses. He and his wife, Barbara, produced the MCNJ Newsletter for over 20 years beginning in 1994 until its dissolution. He enjoys playing the violin, target shooting and writing.

Mei Jin Lu, PhD

Is an Advisor to the Metaphysical Center. She uses her wisdom as a Taoist philosophy teacher and a 25th generation descendant of the ancient Quan Zhen Tao Lineage along with her unique blend of analytical skills to provide MCNJ with guidance. She is the author of a Taoist Oracle set and is a world-wide lecturer on eastern and western ancient wisdom, practices, and modalities. In her free time, Mei Jin enjoys hiking, skiing and reading.